Bernd Innthaler


researcher chemical industry

When I look back at my childhood, I remember many comforts and nice things that my parents gave to me like the choice of where to attend school and music lessons. I learned to ski and snowboard while actively participating in activities like rowing and running.

During the summer, I spent my time at language courses in Oxford and Malta, and I am currently in the middle of my master’s program at the University of Agricultural Sciences. These are all things that many children in Addis Ababa grow up dreaming about. Instead, many spend their time working to make ends meet for their families. In August of 2011, I was able to visit my sponsored child, Leul. Coincidentally, our meeting was on his 8th birthday. He was a happy child and I was thrilled to see his latest report card as he had made wonderful progress in English. He has been given just a small gift; but I’m sure that he will make the most of it!