You shop – we help! Together! There are several online-shops which refund a part of every purchase directly to MyHope. Without any addidional charge for you.


celebration for a good cause

We would be delighted if you want to use you birthday party, anniversary, or small charity even to give to the children sponsored by MyHope.



Your donation will support our efforts of creating better living conditions for the children of the impoverished areas of Addis Ababa. We want to not only living standards, but also standards hygiene and, most importantly, education.


Our projects

Support directly where it’s needed
project 1


Your sponsorship with MyHope brings support to children living in difficult, sometimes unthinkable, conditions in the impoverished areas of Addis Ababa. Often, these children live without the support of their parents. In Ethiopia, unfortunately, the unemployment rate is 50%. As a result, many children are forced into employment or begging to simply make ends meet for their family.

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project 2

educational aid

Bildung geben bedeutet auch dafür zu sorgen, dass die Kinder Ausbildungsmöglichkeiten und Unterlagen bekommen, die ihnen die Chance geben, ihr Leben einmal selbst in die Hand zu nehmen, um einen Beruf auszuüben.  MyHope versucht deshalb, auch die Schule zu unterstützen, welche die meisten Kinder im Patenschaftsprogramm besuchen. Denn auch in der Schule fehlt es oft am Nötigsten und die Schuldirektion und die Lehrer sind dankbar für jede Unterstützung.

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project 3

MyHope day center

One of our major, long-term projects is to open a day center for the sponsored children in Addis Ababa. Since the children living in the poorest areas of the city live in confined spaces with their families, it is often difficult for them to attend after-school learning programs. Staying in a supervised day care center after school is over each day would be conducive to a positive learning environment.

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