Jan 26

A better future for Huda

We do not have their own children and searched for a small "family"-run organization to take on a sponsorship for an Ethiopian child with their help. Beginning of 2011 it was then finally as far as with the nearly five-year-old Huda from Addis Ababa. But soon wanted to we get not only more reports and pictures from this thin girl with big eyes, but they even visit. At the turn of the year 2011 to 2012 we flew in for three weeks in this so fascinating country Ethiopia, see also our detailed report see http://www.ronald-siller.net/reise
We met Huda at the beginning and at the end of the journey. Despite some communication difficulties a relationship was to the ice broken soon, very quickly you built up. We made common (shopping) excursions in Addis, they could in their school visit along with her classmates, who are also in the MyHope program. It is fascinating to see how the donated money actually used by MyHope, to equip the school, as well as to improve the living conditions of children and their families.

Us was difficult to say goodbye. Is quite exemplary and always touching, if our sent donations in kind (mostly clothing and sanitation) passed directly by MyHope employees and us documents especially with images. So, we – can pursue at least electronically – always, as Marlon grows and makes us continue to enjoy. Also a disease in the cool rainy season has survived thanks to bold help by MyHope well them. Marlon is a fast learner and excellent student. The future will show how we can, support them in their further training and study development perhaps even here in Europe.

Fürs first the eight a few times – with relational support – welcome in Bavaria called! The talks are not correct, but their words "when you come back" we have heard more than loudly. In one year we will fly back to her to Ethiopia: "We promise you Huda!"
Christina and Ronald Siller