Your sponsorship

Your sponsorship with MyHope brings support to children living in difficult, sometimes unthinkable, conditions in the impoverished areas of Addis Ababa. Often, these children live without the support of their parents. In Ethiopia, unfortunately, the unemployment rate is 50%. As a result, many children are forced into employment or begging to simply make ends meet for their family. Typically, jobs taken by these children include shining shoes, cleaning homes, or selling newspapers. Needless to say, school is not even a thought that crosses their minds. With your sponsorship of 32 Euros per month, however, a child will be able to pursue an education.


enable education

From purchasing school supplies and uniforms, to helping improve the living conditions of the family, the money you send works to better their lives in ways you cannot imagine.

personal contact

Each sponsor will receive a letter at least once a year from their child, and each semester, the school record of the child will be sent as a record of the pursuit of education. Of course, it is possible to communicate more than this! Sending packages, or even visiting Ethiopia are wonderful ways to build a lasting relationship with your sponsored family.

Soon, new children who are in great need of support will be posted on the site. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please send us an email at . We will contact you as soon as we have processed your request and have a child for you to support. Thank you for your willingness to give a child the gift of an education, a better life, and a new perspective for his or her own future.


MyHope’s main purpose is to support children living in dire conditions in the impoverished areas of Addis Ababa. In many cases, the sponsored children have grown up without parents and are living with their distant relatives or grandparents, that is, if they are still alive. You sponsorship of 27 Euros per month enables a child not only to seek education in school, but also purchases much-needed school supplies and uniforms and improve the living standards of the entire family. Soon, new children in urgent need of sponsorship will be posted on the web page. If you wish to register for sponsorship now, please email us at We will contact you once we have processed your application and we have a child that matches your requests. Thank you for your willingness to give a child the gift of an education and a new perspective of his or her future.

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