Our fantastic Team

voluntary commitment for MyHope

Managing Board

DI Matthias Pfützner


My time in Ethiopia in 2006 was nothing less than unforgettable. Many times, my eyes met the eyes of small children, and each time, they gleamed with the yearning for hope.

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Esayas Berhanu

Vice Chairman

When Mekdes was 18, she left her home village and went to the capital, Addis Ababa, to work as a housemaid. But her dreams of a better future were brutally destroyed when her employer raped her and she became pregnant.

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Katharina Hackl


For me, Africa is a land of contrasts: on one hand it is made of fascinating landscapes and people of grace, beauty, and joy. On the other hand, however, it is comprised of huge areas of poverty, hunger, and helplessness.

Lena Pfützner


My goal is to enable the girls and boys in Ethiopia to attend school so that they have the chance for a better future. This is almost impossible without our support from abroad. The sponsorships are the basis for a better and more positive future for children in slum areas such as Ethiopia. Even the smallest progress strengthens and motivates me to keep going. Together for a better future!

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the Team

Klaudia Paiha

Data protection

If you would have asked me in the past if I would have considered traveling to one of the poorest countries in the world as a tourist, I would have said no. To my own surprise, however, I did it.

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Sylvia Innthaler

Godparents servicing

For many years, I have been committed to children’s charities in developing countries. If you look around the world, it is easy to see many people, and children, who live in impoverished and disadvantaged conditions.

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