MyHope: Giving the Gift of Education and Hope

MyHope was founded by individuals of unique perspective; that is to say, they have been personally inspired by the striking juxtaposition that is the beauty and poverty of Ethiopia. For those who have not been to a developing African country, it is often difficult to truly imagine the kind of difficulties people face there on a daily basis. Think, just for a moment, where you would be without your education. How would your life be different if you were illiterate? How diminished would your sense of self-worth be? Could you truly advocate for yourself against a multitude of people who wish to cheat and manipulate you? Life without education is, simply put, extremely difficult. Our wish is not to have these questions compel you to a sense of guilt; rather, we wish for you to join in and help support the children of Ethiopia. MyHope works to allow children who were born in poverty, and thereby miss out on many, if not all, educational opportunities, improve their lives and thereby help people to help themselves. To do this, it is essential that we provide for them not only an EDUCATION, but also HOPE.

  • Our Children – Adonawit

    Adonawit Million, a child of seven years from Addis Ababa, is supported by MyHope. She lives with her loving mother Tirhas who works by making coffee and earns just enough to support Andonawit and her brother. In this case, her education would be a thing of dreams without support.

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  • New Clothes for the children of MyHope

    During our last visit to Addis Ababa, we were able to bring many gifts for our children thanks to the generous donations of our supporters. We had many suitcases full of clothing and shoes , and when the children received them, their cheers and smiles were truly wonderful to behold.

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  • How your support arrives safely

    During the months of July and August, our volunteers in Addis Ababa showed outstanding commitment by making important steps towards establishing MyHope and ensuring that the transfer of sponsored funds was transparent and safe. The proper handling of your contribution is a topic of the utmost importance to us.

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