MyHope Day Center

One of our major, long-term projects is to open a day center for the sponsored children in Addis Ababa. Since the children living in the poorest areas of the city live in confined spaces with their families, it is often difficult for them to attend after-school learning programs. Staying in a supervised day care center after school is over each day would be conducive to a positive learning environment. In time, we would like to integrate a library into the facility and, in addition, install a small sports field for recreation. Also, since many of the children lack sanitary facilities in their homes, creating facilities that incorporate these features is of the utmost importance; showers and toilets are things that no child should be without. We also want to set up rooms in the center for sponsors and other interested travelers for their stays in Ethiopia in order to encourage personal contact between the children and their support. Thank you for your contribution and support!