DI Matthias Pfützner


distribution manager Kirchdorfer Zementwerk Hofmann Ges.m.b.H

My time in Ethiopia in 2006 was nothing less than unforgettable. Many times, my eyes met the eyes of small children, and each time, they gleamed with the yearning for hope.

I felt ashamed and helpless when a child would come to me and ask for coins, but I believe that it is they that have given me a sense of hope. In this world lacking in so many ways with respect to economy, hygiene, and quality of life, there was a tangible sense of joy and contentment. In an orphanage, I played football with 25 children – all of them on one team! These children radiated appreciation for this small act; this touched me in a very personal way. On another occasion, I was invited to participate in a coffee ceremony and was given hospitality and food by people that I barely knew. Even for someone from the supposed “rich society” of the western world, this was a very enriching experience.

MyHope can bring hope to people in two ways: First, it can give the children of Ethiopia an opportunity to take their education in their own hands and make something of it. Second, it can provide social and medical support for the sponsored families. Through these two facets, partners and sponsors of this organization can give people the chance to live meaningful and sustainable lives with their gifts. In turn, this gives the sponsored people something even greater: confidence.

Sponsors, supporters, and partners of MyHope therefore give the board and the entire team of this organization not just donations, but real hope. Together, we can decide to build a better world and create meaning, not only for ourselves, but for the rest of the world. This is MyHope.